Digital Versatility and Brand Consistency

Integrated Design Tools (IDT) engineers and manufactures high-end slow motion cameras for various professional and industrial uses – everything from sports to space exploration. CommonGround partnered with At Play Creative and IDT to rethink and their digital approach, helping build a experience that engenders excitement while remaining grounded in brand consistency.

Crafting an Experience

Our approach began with showcasing what IDT’s products can do by incorporating stunning visuals throughout the site. We wanted to capture the viewer’s imagination and get them thinking about what sort of images they would be able to create with one of these products. This may seem like a simple solution, but it was something the existing site was lacking.

Expand the Context

In an era of reducing content and copy to create simpler UX, IDT actually needed to present more information about their products. We worked to ensure they were offering all of the information their visitors needed, based on customer feedback and a thorough site analysis.

Information Design

A lot of that content involved technical details. These needed to remain on the site – it’s very important that users are able to access all of the pertinent specifications. But we needed to translate this data into a format that provided the desired UI/UX. The final result presents a variety of technical information in a manner that is accessible, intuitive and efficient.

Always About the Brand

IDT needed to hone their brand so that it was consistent across their entire business. We helped transform a look-and-feel into a visual vocabulary that functions across the site, brochures, business cards, product displays, trade show collateral, and other materials.

So what's next?