DC Comics


Fan-centric content helps the comic book giant engage and energize.

DC Comics is constantly reinventing their rich, complex narrative universe. When they decided to diversify their title lineup to cater individual books to different types
of readers, CommonGround and At Play Creative partnered with them to design content that would help direct fans to the titles that were right for them.

Batgirl of Burnside

Babs Tarr’s Batgirl was at the center of the DC You concept. It reimagined the heroine in a new style and attitude that was tailored to a modern, mostly-female audience. We conceived and designed a series of animated GIFs from scratch, helping show off her new look while reinforcing Batgirl as a young, social media-savvy woman – just like the audience the book was aimed at.

Martial arts, super-spies, and rock ‘n’ roll combine,

Black Canary’s reimagining put her undercover in a rock band that had a reputation for their wild music and attitude (and a tendency for property destruction). For this book, we created a series of pieces that evoked the emotion of the gritty urban music scene, complete with tattered adverts and screaming fans.

Starfire Gets a Florida Welcome

Starfire’s reboot involved a change of scene. The character would move to Key West and begin to build a life there. We loved the idea of using the familiar style of vintage travel postcards to announce her move.


The reboot of Prez imagined the character as a teenage girl in a dystopic future, where she is elected President of the United States by fluke. We helped create social media assets that mirrored modern political advertising, so that the audience could help promote the book by getting into the spirit of the story.

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