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We’re about building relationships with our clients – helping find solutions once we understand their goals and challenges. This starts with a short conversation. Below you’ll find a few of the questions we’re asking about your products, and some of our thoughts. If you have thirty minutes to spare, we’d love to discuss them further.

  • Modern technologies help transform your customers into fans
  • Social elements help spread and control your message without paying for advertising
  • Establish your products as superior – whether compared to Lee Kum Kee or Kraft

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Today’s websites accomplish more.

Modern websites keep customers engaged and build brands. They’re flexible and far less expensive than in the past, looking better and doing more. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your online presence, we’d love to discuss:

  • How could your website shape a “story” that builds your brands?
  • Would easily updatable content help you control your message and keep your customers informed?
  • How can you use a site to present your products in a way that sets them apart as premium and superior?




Use social tools to advertise for free.

Turning customers into fans isn’t easy, but you’re halfway there – you have awesome products that are loved and growing in recognition. But as your brands grow, control is harder to maintain. Social elements can help you accomplish this, and they can also turn your customer base into an effective source of free advertising. Not every social tool will work with your products, but some that might warrant discussion are:

  • Recipe sharing tools that you tightly control could be massively beneficial for your products
  • Get fans involved through photo sharing (their “Sriracha creations”)
  • Use Facebook and Google+ as a forum to keep your fans talking
  • Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – we can help you spread word of your products without ever paying a dime for advertising

Control the discussion and control your brand.

If you don’t maintain tight control over your brand, the public will shape their own message for you. You have an excellent story – it’s about ingenuity, a commitment to excellence and the American Dream. It’s also about a nation that’s growing more diverse, and is better for it. And it’s about putting a product out there that’s ten times better than the competitors. Branding is what gets your potential customers to think about this when they’re standing in the grocery store in front of an endless row of condiments. It’s what will have them reaching for the green bottle with the rooster on it.


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What we’ve presented here are just a few notes that our creative team made when thinking about your products. Maybe some of them would help Huy Fong Foods grow and thrive, or maybe they all would. We’d be happy to come in and talk about any of them in further detail. Give us a call, or shoot us an email using the form. We’re ready to hear about your business, and talk about any challenges you’re facing. Thank you for your time!