CommonGround Creative was born a web design agency, but the world has changed. Devices play a role in every aspect of our lives and we’re constantly connected. So our focus has grown. Websites, apps, print, media, branding – we design and develop the content that shapes your message into a complete digital experience. Accomplishing this isn’t always easy. But we’ve established a few guiding principles that we bring to every project:



Great Design Goes Places

How do we define “great?” Beautiful and engaging is a start, but it isn’t enough. Design needs to be effective, and it should be the most elegant solution. When design is great, it gets your message across, enhances user experience and builds loyalty.

Because of this, we firmly believe that well-conceived, top-quality design provides the absolute best long-term value. It’s what encourages users to access your site while at the grocery store, or what prompts them to recommend your app to a friend. It sends your content out into the wild. Passable design may work, but great design goes places.


Small Can Compete

The proliferation of devices and digital content has leveled the playing field. With the right product and the right message, a company of any size can reach consumers. We see each project as an opportunity to put our clients on equal footing with the biggest and best in their industry.

We remain flexible, understanding that giving a client the edge they need could be a large project, or something quite simple. Big or small, it’s about your success.


Not Just Pretty

We admit something many agencies won’t – our work may be artistic, but it isn’t art. Don’t get us wrong – we love creating beautiful, elegant brand experiences. But we remain mindful that our clients rely on us to help them grow.

Our process is deeply rooted in this understanding. We always strive for visual appeal and sophistication, but we know that profitability is the motivator behind investment in our work. We’re dedicated to producing tangible results.

Meet Your Team


Creative Director

Since agency launch, Aaron has led the creative team, defining the overall company vision and working closely with CommonGround’s clients.

Aaron brings an impressive portfolio of work to the team. Before CommonGround he built his expertise at Zentropy Partners, MRM and McElroy. He’s worked with Microsoft, GM, NBC, Reebok, and Nestlé, amongst many others.

Aaron specializes in elegant and clean designs, offering users effective and inviting interaction with a wide variety of content. He is a connoisseur of science fiction and maintains an impressive organic home garden using the square-foot method.


Project & Technologies Manager

Xander oversees projects and leads the development team, sometimes guiding them gently and sometimes ruling with an iron fist. He works tirelessly to seek the technological solutions that make our products efficient and innovative. His brand experience includes Sony, ICANN, Duracell, Bank of America and others.

Xander specializes in sensible development, flexible design and problem solving. He enjoys taking his motorcycle up PCH on sunny days and is also an avid video-gamer.


Brand Strategy & Business Development

Davey oversees client engagement, ensuring that strategies are defined and client goals are met. He obsessively ensures that the word “synergy” is never used in our work. Before moving into the design agency world he helped build brands for organizations such as Chase Manhattan, The Hahn Company and Wamu.

Davey specializes in refining brands and messages, ensuring that investment produces tangible results. He enjoys tower defense games and constructing the occasional five-course gourmet meal for friends.

Why work with us?
Because we treat each project as if it were our own, and we love getting your brand out there.
Oh…and we know how to fight zombies.