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Frictionless Sharing: Dead or Alive?

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For those who don’t live and breath web design and development, frictionless sharing may be an unfamiliar term. Back in 2012, it was touted as the next big thing in the evolution of the Internet, primarily by social media giant and possible-evil-empire-in-the-making Facebook. Frictionless sharing is a process by which everything a user views is shared, not just items they select. Compared to traditional sharing, where my niece might post that she’s listening to Tegan and Sara’s hit song “Everything is Awesome,” under a frictionless sharing model every song she listens to will be shared through her social media outlets. Read More

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The Walking Dead is back!

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No spoilers!! (We at CommonGround Creative hate spoilers.)

If you’ve missed hit-television show and gore-fest The Walking Dead as much as we have, great news – season four returns tomorrow night with the much-anticipated midseason premiere. And while we won’t spoil anything for you, Robert Kirkman and the guys at Skybound Comics have promised us that the best is yet to come for Rick and company. Or is it worst? Given where we left off, I’m assuming they meant that the worst is yet to come for our survivors, ha.

So tune in, then head over to to check out some site enhancements and new merchandise, or just to discuss your thoughts on the show.



Political Bridge to End Shutdown Blocked by Trolls?

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Let me be clear upfront, this post is totally non-political. I mention this because I’m about to reference the political tsunami of our time – the government shutdown. Like many Americans, once the shutdown started I began reading news articles from more sources than I usually do, and I began to pay a little more attention to the reader responses. Comment scrolls are a relatively new innovation, and they introduce an opportunity for mature, insightful discourse. Needless to say, this opportunity is often squandered, with comment threads reading less mature or insightful than an episode of The Jersey Shore. Read More

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Ugh. Corporate logo tattoos? I repeat: ugh.

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Okay, so we’ve designed company logos, obviously, and we’ve even occasionally undertaken the task of designing tattoo art. But I’m not sure we’ve ever designed a logo thinking it might someday serve as a tattoo. This story falls soundly into the “disturbing” category for me – getting inked with the name of a significant other can be a tremendous show of affection, if not one often later regretted, but being permanently labeled with your company’s logo? No thanks – this feels a little less like brand identity and a little too much like cattle branding. As if corporate America doesn’t already feel far too comfortable thinking of their employees as property.


The New York Times Imagines the Futuristic World of 1998(ish)

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It’s fun to imagine what the future holds. When Disneyland opened in 1955, Tomorrowland envisioned the world of 1986, although we have to assume that Walt Disney knew that the park’s portrayal of the future was somewhat fantastical. The linked article from a 1982 edition of The New York Times details a slightly more realistic look at the world of tomorrow from that point in time, although some of the conclusions read about as fantastical as mountain-sized spaceships or tourism to the moon. Amongst some of the predictions: A rise in videotex terminals! The fall of the American two-party political system and rise of hundreds of political parties! Massive privacy issues! (Okay, so they got that one right.)

It’s a fascinating read, and before we poke too much fun maybe we should write our own article on what the world of 2033 will look like.