SciAm offers a little help to aspiring chefs.

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SciAm offers a little help to aspiring chefs.

I cook and I’m always looking for new flavor combinations, so I was interested in this SciAm article and interactive flavor combination infographic. The “flavor map” seeks to discover new palatable combinations based on the chemical makeup of the corresponding ingredients.

Does it work? Well, after spending a few minutes playing around I discovered that it indicates that rum, citrus and almond do not go together, despite this being the flavor combo of Trader Vic’s 1946 invention, the Mai Tai, one of history’s most popular cocktails. It does, however, indicate that rum, blue cheese and sauerkraut pair very well. Huh. Thanks, scientists, but I think I’ll stick to Ina Garten, Alton Brown and Epicurious for my recipe ideas.

flavor map

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