The (design) world is flat

By July 18, 2013 Design No Comments

Our Creative Director, Aaron, is always telling us how ecstatic he is that flat design is the dominating trend in our industry. As proof, I’d point out that when I told him I was posting an article about flat design he created the above flatly-designed visual representation of flat design, ha. Anyway, I loved this article as an exploration of flat design and its historical roots. I have to wonder, though – is flat design really here to stay, as the author thinks? There seems to be a constant fluctuation between the minimalist and the ornamental, as was the case with Streamline Moderne giving way to the more flourished design aesthetics of the atomic age. So what will apps and websites look like once people get bored of flat? I suppose CommonGround’s designers should get to work figuring that out, working hard to help design evolve while maintaining our standard all-out ban on the use of the Curlz MT font.

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