Los Angeles Metro Rail Map

By June 15, 2013 Design No Comments

I’ve always liked maps, ever since I was nine, when one spring afternoon we discovered a world map from 1917 in a building my father’s company was helping renovate. I recall poring over that map endlessly, comparing it to a contemporary one and wondering about the disappearance of the Ottoman Empire and addition of the Soviet Union. Urban metro maps aren’t quite as exciting, but they’re still pretty cool, and in a way they stand as the original “infographics,” visually representing important information in a manner that’s useful and intuitive.

When LA Metro released their latest “under construction” map, I had to check it out. There’s just something fun and fractal about it. Comparing the additions to the system over time reminds me of the way new plants in our garden grow in. And the fact that LA Metro put the planned future stations for the purple line on the map is reassuring – granted it may take thirty years to complete, but I really look forward to someday taking the subway from downtown to the beach.

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