Happy 20th Birthday, Text Message

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Oh text message, how did we ever live without you? The ability to be in constant contact with friends and family (and, I guess, enemies too) has undeniably transformed society over the past two decades – in some ways good, in some ways not so great. Our Creative Director, Aaron Harvey, had one of the very first text messaging devices – a Seiko Message Watch that sent and received text messages, albeit without the ability to use eleven alphabetical letters, including R, Y, K, Q and B. Whenever he received a news flash that contained a complete sentence of appropriately spelled words, he’d automatically assume it was me up to mischief (and sometimes it was). Today we can use all the letters and send messages for less than 75 cents per, thankfully.

To celebrate texting turning twenty (try saying that five times fast), I’ll share this informative and hilarious letter to the text message from the staff at The Atlantic Wire.

What does the future bring for texting? Well, I for one would like to put out a HUGE warning to society for one year from now. This could be bigger than Y2K…huger than the Cuban Missile Crisis, even. Next year texting will turn 21, and we all know what that means. It will be able to legally purchase alcohol, and I think we all know what happens when you mix alcohol and text messages. Beware! The end is nigh!

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